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  • RiseUpShineDown

    LaVoy Finicum was murdered last night. The entire nation deserves a play-by-play. I hope there is video. I am tired of all these violent events occurring without documentation, when the government was just as of yesterday flying drones over the occupiers.

    Then let’s not forget San Bernardino and those “terrorists”. Where are those Go-Pro videos from the SB case? Why was the media allowed to storm their apartment less than 24 hours later?

    WTF is going on in the average American’s brain that they would believe they can trust the United States government? Build up of fluoride, GMOs and opiates I suspect.

  • Glen

    Let me get this straight.

    So if the federal authorities come in to remove these people from their illegal occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, and they are forced to shoot those occupiers, then that is a Human Rights Attrocity?

    How so?

    They will be given the opportunity to come out, unarmed, with their hands up, to be lawfully arrested.

    If they don’t then the authorities will come in with their guns drawn, as is 100% appropriate and prudent given the fact that these people are armed and have made explicit and implicit threats to use those weapons against any authorities trying to extricate them.

    Should the seditionists then get on the ground with their arms and legs splayed on the floor until they are cuffed, then they will not be shot.

    If they point weapons at the authorities (even without shooting those weapons), then law enforcement has every right to take the first shot and blow their heads off.

    Every last one of you ‘patriots’ would say the same thing if a black or hispanic suspect was being approached by the police and he pointed a firearm at the officers. You’d say “Damn straight he deserved to be shot! Pointing a gun at a law enforcement officer while not me or my ilk.”

    So no, there will not be any atrocities happening. There will be appropriate law enforcement happening. Whether that ends with people dead is entirely up to the seditionist occupiers of the people’s land.

    • Ron Chaney

      Glen, 1st) there is nothing “illegal” about these citizens being there. They are on public property,2nd) Since when is it OK to attack a peaceful Protest?

    • Anti Everything

      How the fuck do you know what I’d say about the lose of any human beings life? You seem willfully ignorant of the illegality of the entire ‘defacto’ government and the ‘for profit’ conditions of the US CORP and it’s surrogates, i.e. BLM, DOI, FBI. You have no valid opinion if you are uninformed, are presently working for a police force or if you are trolling for a government agency.

  • Glen

    Let’s hope so.

    The seditionists can come out of this alive if they so choose.

    Simply lay down their weapons and come out with their hands up.

    • Ron Chaney

      Yeah, just lay down all of your God Given rights under the Constitution and submit to the Machine!
      How about fuck you and the facist horse you rode in on!

    • RiseUpShineDown

      Jesus was tried for sedition by Caiaphas. Interesting choice of words, Glen.

    • Anti Everything

      Ya just get on their knees and beg the nanny state despots for mercy? “The seditionists”? Sounds like you even hate the sanitized public school version of the men that fought in the revolutionary war, wrote a Declaration of Independence, and later a ‘Constitution for the united States of America’. You have got to be a troll.

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  • joecar1949

    NO WACOS IN OR! Go home Feds! You have no authority outside of DC!

    • Susan

      Wrong, you clearly flunked High School Civics that is if you even went to High School.

      • joecar1949

        I went to high school with you. Remember the boys bathroom? Good times!

        • Susan

          Never was in one.

    • Anti Everything

      You are absolutely correct about the jurisdiction of the Federal responsibility. ‘Miss thing’ (susan) bought all the slop the ‘government school’ dished out to her and now is a mis-informed dupe for a system that has enslaved her. Now if the ‘high school grad’ (susan, who must have gotten A’s in class) will read this: http://www.constitution.org/juris/fedjur1.htm
      The little girl genius may learn somethings.

  • TimboT