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  • Logical Intellect

    Edwin there is really no reason to be bombastic okay buddy? The bottom line is that a majority of all these people who have died did not have to. These cops could have taken other non lethal options to subdue or stop these aggressors. PERIOD. POLICE STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edwin Anderson

    For one who claims to want to “expose the truth,” you’ve taken a great pains to twist the truth to fit the fiction in your mind. You’ve grossly misrepresented the facts presented, to the point that you must be either willfully ignorant of the truth, or knowingly suppressing it. To idly navigate away from your propaganda would be a disservice to the men and women who have given their lives to keep our society safe.

    Even a cursory search of the website you provided will reveal that you didn’t even bother to read the information yourself. You cite the example of 87 year-old Louis Becker of New York, though you couldn’t be bothered to spell his name correctly. Louis died in a collision with a New York State Police vehicle. To suggest Louis died because of “trigger happy” and “aggressive” police is disingenuous at best.

    17 year-old Jessica Hernandez had a history of evading police and resisting arrest. She was behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle when she drove it toward Denver police officers carrying out their lawful duty. She injured one officer before law enforcement was able to stop the threat she represented. While any death is regrettable, do you really suggest that law enforcement officers have less right to self defense than any other citizen? Should their occupation require them to sacrifice their lives, rather than act to avoid death or serious injury? While badges should not grant extra rights, certainly wearing a badge does not require anyone to give up the natural rights of all men.

    As of 3/9/2015, deaths of officers by gunfire this year are down about 60%. While this a statistic we should all be grateful for, it does little to comfort the families of Officers Terence Green and Robert Wilson. These men were gunned down as they carried out their duty, protecting their respective communities. Nor should the relatively low number of officers killed by hostile actions this year cause us to forget the tragedies of last year. Corporal Bryon Dickson of Pennsylvania and Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu of New York City were assassinated by fringe lunatic cowards, for no other reason than they put on their uniforms and went to work to serve and protect their communities.

    I will readily admit that lethal force is not always applied appropriately by law enforcement officers. They make mistakes, sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally. However, in the vast majority of cases, lethal force is used righteously to prevent death or serious injury. While you have a right to your opinion that there is an “epidemic” of police abuse of power, you do your own cause a disservice when you twist fact, ignore inconvenient truths, and minimize the sacrifice of brave men and women serving their neighbors. Your misrepresentation of fact is willful ignorance at best, and cowardly dishonesty at worst. Before you post more asinine propaganda, may I suggest your spend some of that “stay at home” time educating yourself on the facts?

    • troll slayer

      long winded troll