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Anthony James Kidwell

Anthony James Kidwell is an Army veteran, an "import" Texan and a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, born and raised in the liberty movement. He currently serves as a support element officer for Comanche Company, Central Texas Militia. He is also an Oath Keeper and an activist for Texas gun rights via Come and Take It Texas. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in English and Education, and a Master of Science in Professional Writing from Towson University, Maryland, yet somehow has withstood the brainwashing of the Marxist university system - an impressive accomplishment on its own if he don't say so himself, (which he does).

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  • James

    probem is this u all fighting atf the law say we the people can close any fed agency that poses a threat to the people so lets close the atf. the states can force the closer of such place by force they do have the power throw seams feds are reaching deep in to each state
    in fack more and more our rights being taken we don’t see it don’t even know it, I just found a gulf ball lacher on ar 15 is seen as a cannon and is not leagle
    we have grandfather cause most states have use this in there own laws
    and these states wont want give up this power. gives people the power
    but if ammo going be out law ammo prices go throw roof unless u reload it
    still that be seen ileagle and subject to atf. I say this no one should comply with any new laws no one all busness should keep selling let atf take all us on at once
    then the people of usa can show atf become tradors to usa and all broken there oath of office there for all laws are not leagle atf needs not be just taken to cort but to be broken
    to the core we must show top level atf people broken oath of office and demand a crimal hearings on them all, this gun control all comes from UN we being push into it
    right now over 300 guns going be ban all subject to atf control when sold
    unless under a gun trust. and ammo could be under same controls atf is out dated
    and they pushing so hard prove they needed should not gun control be handle by each state and them people in them states. people are the law allways have been now we become the threat to all the fed government so why big change. they want total control
    they want do away with state controls. look all feama camps why Obama put another 20k up but no person out there knows why. unless usa is going to war
    war with the people of usa what best way do it. show all people with guns are terrorist and arrest them. states have no defence all but a few done away with it
    if fed government decieded move on states u see where its all going actions see this
    hirrly be one dose it all trump allways been a trump card never ment to win
    but some one had be put there to lose whats more imported trump in office or usa going war with Russia under hirry. antichrist never said was a man. atf got laws on books now waiting to be push but all laws are not leagle under the laws. attack the atf with there own laws they will lose close atf with state support can close them by force
    if the people want it must be done. this is the laws or we rather be reduce to slaves?

  • Douglas Cowdrick

    This NOT OVER. All the BATFE did is to say “right now” we are not going to do it. They don’t need to publish this regulation at all for comment. They didn’t do it with Chinese 7.62×39 and I don’t think they did it with the Russian 5.45 round either. They just published a letter.
    What this does is make 100% sure that if the government wants to dispose of any surplus 5.56 ammunition it has to be destroyed because sale would be illegal to civilians. Plus I bet that they’d put in the contract for the destruction contractor they have to grind up the brass cartridges too.
    So instead of making some money back on the sale of the ammo like they did with all that 30.06 M2 AP it would probably end up costing taxpayers money to destroy the ammunition AND the initial cost of manufacture would be a 100% loss too!
    All they need to do is say this is an “administrative” change of their interpretation of the law and it is NOW THE LAW, with the criminal penalties of selling “Armor Piercing Handgun Ammunition” behind it.
    It’s not a matter of if; it’s WHEN they do it. The only way they will be stopped is like when they tried to declare imported semi auto shotguns “non-sporting” if they had any of a long list of features they designated “non-sporting”.
    Congress put language into a bill stopping them from doing this and forcing them to stop. Only that will work here, just like the last time.

  • Emmentaler_Limburger

    Something just rings a bit false in this episode as related in Anthony’s article. The BATFE *did* ask for comment regarding the alleged ban, and did received an incredible number of “don’t you freakin’ dare” responses. The Øne was also blathering to his base (if one yet exists that doesn’t speak arabic or spanish…) about banning 5.56. Publishing error? I think not. I believe the 5.56 green tips were in imminent danger of being banned – I think they remain in danger of being banned by “executive” order. Frankly, Anthony, I don’t understand why you are playing patsy in this…

  • Dustin Ellermann

    The ATF is still attempting to ban the ammo, it was just the “publishing error” that Katie Pavlich reported from this years regulation book that the ATF was talking about. This post is very insulting to any reader just in its tone and proves the author didn’t do his homework and only has a tiny bit of knowledge of the current situation.

  • Jason P. Self

    A special thank you, Mr. Caldwell, for your condescending article. There’s nothing better than a “you stupid peasants, you are all so naive, I am the enlightened one” narrative from someone such as yourself. Did I purchase green-tip ammo? Yes. Was I in a panic? No. Did I pay $1 per round (WTF?) for it? No. Is there ANY reason that people should listen to you? Profoundly, NO.

    • Anthony James Kidwell

      Youre welcome.

  • Rick Mage

    The ATF has absolutely NO lawful authority to regulate or enforce any type of gun law or any type of ammunition ban. Forget about the 2nd Amendment, for a moment. Have you guys not read the Enumerated Powers section of the U.S. Constitution? This is the section where we the people “give permission” to our servants (the feds) to have authority over. If you look in there, you will see that it isn’t much. You will not see any clause that gives the federal government lawful permission to regulate gun and ammo ownership or to create any groups for that same purpose. Not only that, the two militia clauses in that section also holds our federal government responsible for making sure that our citizens are not only armed but also trained. Yes, the federal government is supposed to make sure that ALL free citizens (including freed ex-convicts) are armed and trained to defend our country!
    However, our federal government (including our corrupt and spineless, fake conservatives who call themselves Republicans) would rather spend/steal the people’s money on things that are outside their enumerated powers. We would not be in depth if our criminal and treasonous government obeyed the Enumerated Power section of the U.S. Constitution. Not only that, they would have the money to be able to pay to have us (we the people) trained to defend our country. Can you imagine a free country where the citizens were trained (or being trained) to defend our country and all were not only allowed to own guns, they were allowed to carry their guns anywhere they wanted to and any way that they wanted to? Crime would go way down, because most criminals are cowards. The organized crime gangs would go into hiding. Our law makers and law enforcers would most likely be a low more nice to their citizens. 😉 Why? Not only would we the citizens be policing our communities, we would be also policing the police. 😉 And that’s how God wanted it to be done.
    Why aren’t more people making this point? There should be no debate on our God given right to protect ourselves. We the people should ignore all who favor gun control, and we should be man enough to give fair warning to all who dare try to take our God given rights away and dare violate our Constitution which is supposed to protect these rights. What they (2nd Amendment advocates) are doing in Washington State is what the whole nation should be doing, right now.

  • Brad

    The comment period is still open until the 16th of March. The intent to ban is still there. The “Publishing mistake” is a separate issue.

    • Anthony James Kidwell

      Go ahead and write them if you think it would do any good. Even tell them you target shoot with green tips if that’s what you think will make this go away. But i say if the intent was there they wouldn’t need to accept comments.

      • Chappy Gypsy Poynter

        Anthony, The .55 grain is good out to 300 yards, At 500 yards we do in fact use the 62 grain bullet in long distance shooting. At 800 yards we go to a 75 grain bullet. We do a lot of competitive long range shooting in our organization. Each grain does have it’s pro’s and con’s. I agree, if I am just out playing. the cheaper 55 grain is what we play with. I hope this helps. God Bless.

  • Winston Walters

    *Applause from Fireteam Charlie leader* (Guardian Company)

  • grendal113

    I wouldn’t be counting this as a win yet the BATFE was talking about the “publishing error” not that they have given up. Besides unless folks are going to get manufacturers to ignore the ATF which isn’t likely, if the atf says no more production and the two or three companies which make it agree there will be no more cheap ammo. So, unless the ATF starts getting worried that we the people can actually do anything, don’t think they are worried about our ball less congress.

    • Anthony James Kidwell

      I agree that’s a conversation we need to have. We (the rhetorical we) have allowed congress to give entirely too much power to these regulatory agencies. Theoretically they could neuter the Second with one well phrased letter, and it would be found entirely constitutional. The bureaucracies must be checked by force of law, or the people will check them by just plain old force.