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  • Wumbowarrior

    He caused a disruption? I would too if I was being arrested for no reason!

  • AMC

    What needs to happen is the entire student body needs to write about guns and taking care of business. See if they will suspend the entire student body. Morons.

    • Am I mistaken or isn’t this a violation of constitutional rights? Freedom of speech. No gun involved. No legitimate threat expressed. Hell, if I saw a dinosaur, I’d handle business and shoot it too.Or excuse me. I’d get a gun too, to take care of the business. I’d probably stand a better chance wrestling a saber-toothed tiger or lassoing a wooly mammoth then I would going up against a dinosaur. Damn right I’d get a gun, and shoot it too. Really?? Idiotic fucking ignorant morons. WTF?

  • Michael

    Seriously, this zero tolerance crap is getting out of hand. That teacher needs to be fired, outed publicly and shunned. The level of stupid in our educational system is mind boggling. No wonder our nation has so many issues now.

    • jane fish

      I agree! The world has gone mad! Kids suspended for chewing a pop tart in the shape of a gun, suspended for saying bless you, now this? When is the lunacy going to end? People need to wake up and see that this is getting way out of hand. Time to change things!