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A Pro Liberty, Pro Freedom, Human Rights Activist, very involved in a wide variety of Activism and Exposing the Truth at all costs.

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  • Frans van der Westhuizen

    Slowly but surely the Shit House sorry I meant WH is taking your freedom away step by step.

  • Mike Cantwell Sr

    If thats the case…..than it should apply to tabc …..fbi….sherriffs …city and rent a cops. They all wear their cuts….why can’t we ?

    • Frans van der Westhuizen


  • Mike

    While I agree this is just another in a daily assault on our Constitutional PROTECTED rights given to us by our Creator, as a 66+ year old motorcycle rider (since 18) I have to say bikers with their deliberate attempts to look tough, macho, tattoos, behavior have made the non-biker citizens of this nation believe that image.

    Why on earth would bikers be surprised others take their looks and actions seriously?

    • scott

      this is discriminatory on the fact that they do not ban most black people based on violence and crime of that species.

      • disqus_KzdM6cGc6h

        Til they do ban black people based on violence and crime, this is definitely a violation of our rights. This country is down the shithole or it has already. Thanks to the Fraud in the WH.

        • O’Brien McRae

          The White House has nothing to do with TABC…

          • Frans van der Westhuizen

            Agreed. The White House is also a Shit House