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  • Connie Criscitello

    Very good article. Insightful and Thoughtful. This topic has not been covered very widely…..I hope to see more people thinking and writing about it. Thanks.

  • Davis Pruett

    I always find it so entertaining when foolhardy, shallow “libertarians” suggest that “private enterprise” can do anything and everything better than government.

    That foolish assertion has been proven wrong so many, many, many times over – government programs created the Internet, satellite communications, and cell phones. If we are ever able to do anything about global warming it will be through government – because “private enterprise” definitely isn’t doing anything about it – rather, it’s just making the problem worse, and fighting any suggestions about what we should do to rein the problem in. Government-administered healthcare is consistently far, far, far better than any of the privately-administered programs out there – France, Taiwan, and Canada consistently top the list of the best healthcare systems in the world (all government run). The privatization of education is crashing and burning around us, in a splendid display of abject failure. “Private contractors” in the military are called “mercenaries”, and we have an ample 2000+ year history of how reliable they are (read up on the Mamluks some time, if you’re wondering).

    >>>However, the people who actually made [going to the moon] happen were the best and the brightest of the private sector at that time.

    Uhhh…. no. They were working through and for NASA – not in their capacities as “private sector” people.

    Good lord, this entire screed is a load of shallow, self-indulgent white-boy ideological tripe.

  • Linuxpenguindude

    The ‘we don’t need taxes we can have voluntary contributions’ idea is kind of absurd simply because the contributions end up becoming essential after a time and therefore not ‘volunteering’ to pay them will ruin your life.

    Okay, ignore for the moment that many private security firms are run by gangsters & that as mentioned by another commenter, once they get a contract they’ll make sure competitors are pushed out of the way.

    Right, so what happens in this scenario to the people who ‘volunteer’ not to pay the security fees? Perhaps they’ve become unemployed, or they don’t trust the gangsters or they simply don’t want to spend the cash?

    Well either the companies cover them for free (not going to happen) or the companies provide no service. The criminals then find out who isn’t paying and go and do horrible things to them. There’s no police force to help & the smartphone app described isn’t going to work (would your neighbour really take a bullet for you because you haven’t paid a bill?)

    Hence you either pay the ‘voluntary’ fee – or get mugged, burgled, raped or murdered. Wow, its become just like a tax, except its going to private sector gangsters!

    The same scenario happens with pretty much every essential service that would be run in the manner suggested.

    Volunteer not to pay the fire fees? Tough shit when your house is burnt down.
    Volunteer not to pay the road fees? Good, walk 35 miles to work.
    Volunteer not to pay private sewage charges? Good luck with that Typhoid.

    So once the ‘voluntary’ fee isn’t the good old free market will kick in with price gouging & monopolies and before you know it you’re paying even more money that you did via tax for a worse service.

    We’ve seen it all over the world where government services have been sold off – an initial ‘competitive market’ and then after a few years one or two giant supercorps (Cerco, Accenture, G4S) take everything over & service goes to hell. As bad as my local government is I know who runs it, I can vote against them and I’m free to protest until they change their ways. Pretty sure my ability to do that to Lockheed or Wackenhut is zero.

  • Linuxpenguindude

    Bitcoin, a system of electronic currency created by… er, we don’t know for sure.
    Bitcoin, a democratic currency where… those with the most computing power gain access to the most currency & it is impossible to use said currency without access to a networked computer (so how do you buy food when the network is down?).

    Bitcoin – probably brought to you by the NSA as a way of creating a globalised dark currency for the black economy that can be remotely monitored 24/7. It was always a bit tricky shifting all that bent money around to fund illicit military operations. But with bitcoin things become much easier.

    Thanks for trusting us nerds,
    The National Security State

  • Going to the moon was a publicly financed and accomplished effort. It was not, as you assert, an example of private enterprise and capitalism. Your statement is blatantly fraudulent.

    • Jonathan Ogden

      Additionally we purchased the entire Nazi rocket program through Project PAPERCLIP. (Old thread I know, but relevant).

  • There is strong evidence that we are living at a time when hidden / suppressed / usurped/ back engineered technologies have been developed and are in use by a “Break Away Civilization”. (BAC). With technologies light years beyond those “shared” with humanity, the BAC is essentially THE secret shadow government, the “uber government “. So essentially the government we think represents us is basically a front.

    I could write a book about this but if one researches this topic, what you’ll find will amaze you.

    FOR INSTANCE: When I go to an airshow and see the “state of the art” propulsion technologies, (basically a sophisticated version of the jet engine from WWII), it always makes me laugh. Really? this is the best our bazillion dollar defense (offense?) industries have been able to come up with in the last 75 years ?

    And what about the Air Force’s objective of “owning the weather” by 2025 ? When are they going to start THAT project – oh yeah – they started that about 50 years ago but haven’t been in a “sharing” mood- hmm could this have anything to do with heating the ionosphere?

    Bottom line: Those (humans?) who control these advanced technologies control governments and aren’t going away anytime soon.

    • Pretty much spot on.

  • T235467

    Such a bunch of nonsense, sorry.

    Private security firms would become the new dictators which you could never just “switch” if they don’t want to move. Simple reality, that’s wild west thinking and not much more.

    3D-Printers are fine, but you need raw materials for them, they need servicing etc. – not really simple to handle.

    As for Bitcoin, besides it being a simple scam, it’s utterly useless. First you have to dl that huge database (requires enough HD space, bandwidth etc.), you have to be online for any serious use, the tools are still crap and the whole system is an open book for any government. Maybe it is a good idea as such, but very poorly implemented.

    As always in any crisis, cash is king. Cash as in paper money, not gold or other such useless gems.