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  • Got any evidence of any of this kickback stuff?

  • Andrew Lazarus

    The Liberty movement should be careful about looking like free riders on other people’s vaccinations.

  • Diet dee

    Hopefully another large clinic will take them and we can compare vaxxed and unvaxxed

  • Mike Stevens

    The Hippocratic oath is not usually taken by medical graduates – only some universities still use it. The usual “oath” is the Declaration of Geneva.

    There are a number of versions of the Hippocratic oath. The original version is entirely unsuited to today’s medical ethics and clinical practice. The modern version states this:
    “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.”

    This is entirely consistent with the stance of the physicians here, who wish their patients to be protected through vaccination.

    • AutismDadd

      There’s a new oath ” First admit no harm” Call your lawyer.

  • VikingAPRNCNP

    As long as they give them a chance to schedule vaccinations as part of a first wellness appointment I think this is a fair policy.

    • AutismDadd

      First wellness? Some will never be well after that.

  • Sonja Henie

    It’s a conundrum for pediatric providers. My former employer came close to refusing to take anit-vaxers, especially after Disney. However, Disney did provide impetus for some of them to actually get the MMR.

  • Good. If anti-vax parents want their children to be dangerous infectious weapons, it’s nice to know there are clinics where rational people’s children can be protected from them.