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  • The Professor

    If no one sends in a formal complaint then what can they do?

    • 97E

      Probably nothing at all.

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  • NYCBugkiller

    They told him to go home and take a couple week vacation until it blows over and then come back.

  • phyllis55

    Yep, this is a typical attitude for the badge wearing Mf^kers. If they enter the police force as normal individuals, within months of “training and brainwashing” then they become above the law and psychopathic. Their mental derangement seems to be a requirement of having the job of “cop”.

  • Frederick Rick Stralow

    Wow! Anyone still not convinced that there are some out of control law enforcement officers?

    • Phoenix Horton

      This is what happens when a group is held up to be above the law!