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  • TheEndGameIsNear

    ^ Working as a cop, social worker, jail guard, public service worker, medical provider, or official near you – unless you make sure they don’t infiltrate your community, your jobs, and your lives. Demand E-Verify and Biometric matching before any of them works in your government using your own name.

    Don’t worry, they will attempt to steal the SSN and ID names of someone who has been educated to be one of these professionals while you stand screaming about how you’ve been replaced by an ISIS insurgent with Obama’s blessing! Either that or you can wake up and realize that they already occupied and sacked Ukraine, that Obama is paying them and dropping them weapons while he false flag blames other country leaders, that they are in France and Germany, and that they want to take your life, your name, your possessions, and replace you – with themselves, and the reason they feel entitled to do this is because they are Muslim. How about NO!

  • Becky Cole

    What you meant to say is your a welfare riding no working trouble making wetback thug
    See you and your accomplis need to report real news
    You promoting hate on cops gonna get us patriots fired up and you won’t like the end result mthrfkr
    Tread lightly

  • We must get that female cops information out there.

    • Rob Hurt

      Thank you. This comment shows the kind of people you are and your true motives. You do not care about Arlington citizens, you just want to harass officers. You have the “right” to do this kind of crap, but at least be honest enough to admit that you are just there to harass law enforcement. Despicable.

  • GodsHolyTrousers

    This is the same city whose inhabitants were stupid enough to buy a Billionaire a multi-billion dollar stadium to make him even richer, so I assume the collective IQ isn’t enough to change their current status as sharecroppers on the elite’s plantation.

    • Becky Cole

      Your ignorant fuck huh