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A Pro Liberty, Pro Freedom, Human Rights Activist, very involved in a wide variety of Activism and Exposing the Truth at all costs.

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  • No to the GOP

    Anyhow we can just vote no on November 3rd on every question. Esparza should encourage his readers to simply vote no. Besides it isn’t a secret that people are growing to dislike Dan Patrick because people are finding out he knows nothing about the duties of being in state office. I am even encourage people to vote no on every question on the ballot. Esparza is correct about one thing Dan Patrick does not care about the people and he wants all your dollars going to Charter Schools and Vouchers and under the vouchers he wants Private Schools to dumb their well run system and put into place dumb down curriculum that now is in Texas Schools. Dan Patrick should resign and retire and move back to Baltimore. Besides tell Dan Patrick he can divert his income into a Texas based corporate account and when he returns to Baltimore he won’t be paying Maryland anything.

  • I 4 I, Tooth 4 Tooth my s

    I got news for you Esparza. Texas people favor cops over our people, because cops are just us in the uniform. The only difference is that they accepted living their life in a military lifestyle so that we wouldn’t have to live in anarchy. But if they continue to be attacked we will have to accept that we will have to switch to military lifestyle as well to help them keep the anarchy at bay. Either you are with the cops or you are against us.

  • Anon22385

    “One mistake can get them sued, fired or killed.”
    “how they leave their families everyday not knowing if they are coming home”

    How does that differ from most other jobs?

    Police would likely get a lot more respect if they respected the citizens.

  • leisureal-

    I am in agreement with what Patrick said.