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  • patriot156

    Guess he got a stay of execution? Good work! Now hopefully they will commute his sentence, and then maybe give him time served after a period of time.

  • patriot156

    they only need a little over 200 more people to sign the petition people. IT think 224 more so sign.
    I pray in the name of Jesus that they get the signers they need and also this Governor to commute this guys sentence.
    From some of the court stuff he didn’t even get a fair trial. Sounds like too he was coerced and being not that bright he’d be more scared than most. I say commute then after a few years let him out time served.

  • Bill Van Pelt

    If they do execute him couldn’t the very same law be used to try and convict the Governor of the state as well as all the rest involved?….just saying

  • Yossi

    … it sure seems like Texas has a rather broad definition of what constitutes first degree murder. I guess someone advocating for Texas’ position would say that when Wood agreed to be involved in the robbery, he took on himself responsibility of whatever the consequences would be. In my mind it’s still quite a stretch… doesn’t “first degree” involve premeditation, and deliberately carrying out the act?

  • patriot156

    This is wrong I know in some cases you do not want an accomplice to get away with crap, but in this case he should only be punished for participating the the felon armed robbery not Murder. One of the bad things about a Red state.

  • StillMe

    This is an extremely disturbing case, one that I’ve followed from the beginning. Executing a man who has had a history of mental deficiencies since childhood, who did not kill anyone, under the ‘law of parties’ is not justice. Jeff Wood is Scheduled for Execution on August 24, 2016.

    There is a petition, to commute his sentence, on the website for Jeff Wood if anyone is interested in signing it. http://savejeffwood.com/

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    all of the links below show a 404 not found

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    Good point about Texas not having the right to inject lethal chemicals into someone who had no intent to kill… That is the job of the public water system in Detroit…