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Anthony James Kidwell

Anthony James Kidwell is an Army veteran, an "import" Texan and a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, born and raised in the liberty movement. He currently serves as a support element officer for Comanche Company, Central Texas Militia. He is also an Oath Keeper and an activist for Texas gun rights via Come and Take It Texas. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in English and Education, and a Master of Science in Professional Writing from Towson University, Maryland, yet somehow has withstood the brainwashing of the Marxist university system - an impressive accomplishment on its own if he don't say so himself, (which he does).

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  • Joseph Mosser

    Very good article, Anthony. Totally agree. Wanted to point one thing out though: parallels aside, history will show that Julius Caesar was actually the reformer we need today. Granted, he was not a moral man of standards we should imitate, as few men of that time were of imitable standards (but Christ hadn’t occurred yet, so we can give it a pass). Caesar came to Rome to check the power of the oligarchical Senate that was consolidating wealth and land for its own privileged few (who served for life, by the way. Supreme Court, anyone?). The Senate at that time was not serving the people as much as it was enriching itself, giving all the land to a few rich men and tax farming and oppressing the people. Caesar planned to end this, and the Senate killed him for it.

    Aside from that point, you are totally correct.

  • Olaf Olson

    The similarities between the Roman Aquila and Great Seal are intentional. In the late 18th century Rome was just about the only example of a successful republic available, and because of its connection with the idea of Western Civilization, the founders chose it for that very reason.

  • Giorgio De Michele

    The roman eagle design you used in your article is my own design as you can see here: http://erebus-art.deviantart.com/art/Roman-Eagle-Design-290681926
    It is my copyright and that of the client that commissioned it and those who paid rights to use the image.
    Since you don’t asked my permission, you don’t have any right to the image, thu at least give proper credit by linking to the original design, and writing “made by Erebus” in a caption, thanks.

    • Phoenix Horton

      Sorry for any mix up in the source of images, we are happy to remove or give credit to images you created at your preference.
      Thank You.