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  • smartacus

    This is correct. We now live in the USSA.

    The most dangerous thing we can do now is deny it, because the enemies of human freedom are not denying it. It is here. it is out in the open. History repeats itself. The similarities to the Boston Massacre are too obvious to discount.

    Except this time; they are better prepared for it. They have enough bullets to wage that 20 year “hot war”against 300Million and if our Military switches sides, they still have the police.

  • cece

    I live in waco and yes I’ll bash ‘your’ cops. They are not the greatest at all. They pull people over for the most pointless things all the time. And when something happens they take there dear sweet time to get there. I’ve seen several do unlawful things then turn right around and arrest some body for something that they just did too. I’m not saying they are all bad, there’s two that are really nice. but i no for a fact that several are super hypocritical. And I love this artical. Added note there were How many cops and civilian killed?
    But 9 bikers….. come on now if they were trying to hurt any one beside the other group then there would have been alot more deaths. The cops are the ones that put people in danger by shooting at the bikers Not the bikers…… and I’m done

    • Matthew Parker


  • Matthew Parker

    Really? Do you even live in Waco? Or are you just stupid and bashing my cops? Ya know, if you’d type better, and yes I found a lot of mistakes, then you might actually know that inside the bar, the bikers opened fire — see opened fire, not opened fired… So get your facts straight or don’t talk about shit ya don’t know

    • Belinda Primeaux Garcia

      You tell em! Dumb people!

    • miLadyM

      The Video given to AP by twin peaks says no one opened fire inside the restaurant. You have taken the kool-aid and are in full on sheeple mode. You believe anything your mahsur says.

  • krizzys mommy

    Everyone who thinks this shit is really something your as stupid as this person who wrote this article.. If you don’t know what happened don’t say shit at all it’s that simple..

    • Matthew Parker


  • Seth Posey

    this is the stupidest shit I have ever heard.

    • Kenneth Paul

      dont get out much eh seth? but your eyes hearing things is a novel trick!