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  • Haven’t we already been informed that FedGov, via the NSA, has been building a database of the citizens of the USA for years? But it’s only now, when a couple of “Republican” presidential candidates broach the subject….NOW, everyone is concerned?

    THIS is the most critical element of the vast amount of alleged “classified” information Edward Snowden exposed to the hardworking, taxpaying citizens of the United States of America.

    THIS is the singular truth Snowden divulged to We The People for which FedGov expressly intends to severely punish him and why he cannot return to the USA:

    Any one entity that possesses this massive amount of personal and private information on each and every one of us, that entity, CONTROLS us; our loved ones, our friends …our government and our country.

    The National Security Administration, (a.k.a. the NSA), the pet “Strong Arm” of the Banksters and MegaCorps, is now known to possess enough damning personal and private information to blackmail each and every person on the Supreme Court, to coerce each Democrat, each Republican, as well as every member of the MSM. Enough “dirty laundry” to command anyone into anything.

    There ARE legitimate reasons for wanting privacy that have nothing to do with crime, National Security or “domestic” terrorism.

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  • ThenStand

    Trump: Shut Down Internet, Shut Down Free Speech!

    TRUMPED: The Donald, The Widow and Eminent Domain

    Donald Trump: Replace Obamacare with Universal Health Care

    Trump has done business with

  • Mike Arienti

    Any human not willing to uphold the Constitution does not deserve to hold ANY political office in the US.