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  • Dr. Richard Dietzen

    The second burning of Atlanta will necessarily follow. They are crazy, filled with their own overconfidence in the face of the epidemic.
    Return flights from the affected countries should be banned, and an executive order by Obama to prevent repatriation of infected citizens, remains, any persons infected , not state department facilitation of return(!), is needed.
    The plague of the worst potential biowarfare agent is being openly welcomed into our heartland by a government with no concept of its limitations, and no proven track record at effective and safe isolation, as recent reports of mishandling of pathogenic anthrax by the CDC/NIH illustrate.

    This could be death for our people, healthcare providers, economy, society, and the administration in the name of some compassionate craziness. This is letting the plague rats through the medieval gates. It is misguided treason.
    Citizens should protest or prevent this transfer with civil disobedience, but due regard for the safety of the contained virus, caregivers, and victims. It is against all common sense and law.