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A Pro Liberty, Pro Freedom, Human Rights Activist, very involved in a wide variety of Activism and Exposing the Truth at all costs.

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  • Andre Gabriel Esparza

    if you already did this in the 90’s why didn’t you get any results 25 years later nd now we have open carry bills to the floor of the pink dome, and this was because of de diligence., not asking nice and saying pretty please. the more people that shit on the actions of other Activists ad not join together in the cause is hurting it by the childish infighting. every team needs part that’s more aggressive than the other.

  • Michael Powell
  • Mick

    C’mon you assholes…I’m an open carry advocate and a cop blocker. I was doing BOTH back in the 90s before you asshats ever thought of it. This is just being a fucking moron. Dumbasses like this and like that douche bag move Cory Watkins was involved with in hounding a representative in his own office is doing nothing but fucking up the movement, you fucking asshats. Open carry and protest outside, sure. Go in and speak CIVILLY to representative, sure. I’m for that. But you douche canoes with your dick moves are fucking up the open carry question NOT helping it…you fuckin assclowns!

  • Jeff Yarger

    Anyone who carries a toy gun without the bright red end on the barrel is asking for trouble.
    Vince, as for kids getting killed,… black and white kids have both got shot by cops for brandishing toy guns. The blame falls mostly to their parents though, for letting them take real looking guns in public, even with the red end piece in place.
    Also, there should be laws in effect that forbids the manufacturing of toy guns that the red end can be removed from.

    • The Logical Truth

      It did have a bright yellow tip… old western style bought at grocery store

  • vince

    this guy is a fucking idiot
    this just goes to show that white people will use their privilege and carry toy guns in government buildings just to test authority, while INNOCENT BLACK CHILDREN are murdered by cops for playing in the street with these same toys.

    When cops claim “they’re in fear of their lives” when they murder innocent people of color, this dumb shit is the evidence they can use to justify it. This isn’t some show of righteous rebellion, this is asking for trouble and detrimental to any form of gun control

    Also it seems white people cant comprehend that they are treated more favorably by authority, yet they still claim that their “rights are at risk”.

    • Mick

      Oh STFU you goddamned race baiting POS. This issue isn’t owned by friggin minorities, so take that shit and shove it straight up your ass, sideways.

      • vince

        the fact that you can disregard that there is any form of discrepancies in how authorities, or white people in general, treat people of color with fake or real guns show how ignorant and up your own ass you are.

        White folks can walk around with fully loaded AR’s and get praised for “exemplifying their rights” but a black child plays with a toy gun and gets SHOT!?! or how a 62 year old Black Man Lawfully Carrying a Gun can get attacked by a White Vigilante at Walmart!?!? please. i could go all day about Amerikkkas double standard of who should be allowed to protect themselves.

        So please, tell me how this isn’t about race, white man.

        • Mick

          No, there is no discrepancy you moron. I’ve been cop blocking and open carrying since the 90s. There are PLENTY of incidences where whites are beaten, unlawfully arrested, and killed by cops. A kid shot dead with a game controller in his hand when he answered the door. An old white man shot for reaching for his cane. The list goes on and on. And arguably many of these white people had NOTHING in their hand that even looked like a gun, yet you people bitch anyway about blacks being shot over replica guns in their hands. This is a national issue of police abuse against citizens PERIOD. You’re nothing but a stupid fucking race-baiting retard ala Al Sharpton, who wants to see only the cases you want to see. If it rains on you, it’s because you’re black. Shut the fuck up.

  • Elliot Denine

    I’ve known the police to make some dick moves in my own experience but this one has to be the blue ribbon grand prize winner of dick-headedness.

  • JYD


  • Ricky Moore II

    Even as attorney general, Greg Abbott refused to hold Texas DPS troopers accountable.