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  • David McKale

    Tell them they are fired then forceably remove him from office and don’t allow them to return. Confiscate their phones and bar them from returning to work anywhere. Stop tolerating this crap, the US government cannot do whatever it wants.

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  • Judy Jackson

    And I guarantee that those people voted FOR Bush. Once again, GOP voters went against their own best interests. They are getting exactly what they CHOSE when they cast their ballots

  • Sandy Ratigan

    If indeed we are voting for people based on their relatives – than watch out for Trump – his dad was arrested for protesting WITH the KKK in NY and his daughter dates a Rothschild (NWO)

  • Sam Nelson

    The corruption that is politics today has completely diseased this nation and I see no cure in sight. The Politicians are completely out of control, chasing after wealth and prestige like there is no tomorrow and there may not be -a tomorrow, if the politicians have their way.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Bush is just another way to spell SH-T.

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  • Joe Myrick

    The people of Bolivar need to know that this usurpation more than likely means that this is just the beginning of the push to economically starve the residents out of the Bolivar Peninsula. This act is in association with the Greater Houston/Galveston planning association. See Agenda 21 for and surrounding documents. Visit the NGO’s websites which have been set up to accomplish the task of creating the metropolitan areas, where citizens are to be driven into. The citizenry is to be removed from many land masses and rural areas. See the UN biodiversity map. No go zones, Agri-centers, & Buffer zones are just some of the words used in this UN project. G.H. Bush signed the Agenda 21 agreement in Brazil, on his way out of office, which has never been Ratified by the US Senate. Bill Clinton created the Presidents Council on Sustainable Development, I believe in 1992. ICLEI is the organization which works directly under the UN to establish the relationships with traitors who will aide them in the accomplishment of local city & county usurpation’s. ICLEI stands for Int’l Council on Local Environmental Issues. They locate the local people, get them elected into positions, where these same will payback the organizations, which funded their campaigns with doing the local procedure to pass land grabs. Of course, once they have them doing acts of treason, they never let them go. The threat of exposure keeps them acting as participants, even if they were to develop a guilty conscience. The UN organizations sent out workers into all of the 13 surrounding counties that adjoin Harris county, back in, I believe it was 2012, where they did very little to give proper notice to citizens, about meetings to be held. I myself attended, and the meetings were a scam, but they needed to be able to have the ability to show that there were meetings, and attendees, so that they could later say that they had went through proper procedures. There going to say that they met the US Constitution requirements, that it was local citizens who approved these actions. Other than the people who were plants there, to be used as fake participants, most of us were TEA Party Members, and were knowledgeable of their attempts. We stood in opposition. I’ll guarantee that this is what is happening.

  • HardnoseMP

    I had a home there before IKE wiped it off the face of the earth, great location for fishing and kayaking !!!

  • jojo196323

    its Banrhill property and some was never told they were heirs to it but wait till all the barnhill clan gets hold of this

  • CowtownBassGirl

    This sounds similar to the Grand Jury investigation of Rick Perry illegally using the power of his office to intimidate a public official. “Abuse of Official Capacity”.

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  • Swapster_com

    I thought the Bush junior was a Floridian.

    • gnose

      Swapster, yeah George P Bush used to be a Floridian, but after breaking into a young woman’s home, driving his Ford Explorer across her yard, and getting arrested for Burglary and Criminal Mischief, he got out of Dodger…errr Miami-Dade. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/file/nut-some-soup-0?page=0

  • ImajWalker

    Looking at the comments, you should be careful what you wish for. Yes, Trump is saying all the nice things you want to hear. Truth is, he’s Unconstitutional. He will ‘never’ make the NDAA / Patriot Act null n void.. which means, you will simply end up with another puppet dictator.
    Trump supports Israel where YOU are ‘giving aid’ to Israel in the Billions every year.

    *** See what you are paying for.

    You don’t see ANY of the Candidates focusing on Oregon OR Texas right now.

    Why is that? Answer is, the audience is split on what to do about the land grabs.

    The Candidates don’t want to BE Constitutional.. lest they lose some of their precious support. THAT’S how elections are run. Showing the public what they want to see, getting elected, then pulling back and making excuses / lies for why they can’t provide.

    The ENTIRE Political scene is CORRUPT as are the Feds (which are Corporations) and if the people don’t make their representatives DO THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL duty instead of taking Federal Money, then you will lose your land to foreign entities.

    ***** BUSTED Gov Employee’s Laughing about Stealing Land! MAKE VIRAL

    • enoughalready

      I support Israel as do most Americans and all Christians. Trump has boldly raised the sentinel issues of our day—border security; birthright citizenship and a pause in Muslim immigration. These are the genesis of all our major problems. Economic, security, prison overcrowding, overburdening of our healthcare and welfare systems; overcrowded and overburdened educational systems—and in insecure nation when it comes to national security.

      • Elle George

        sorry, I do not see Trump as a “puppet dictator”. No way, no how. First of all, he is not taking any campaign contributions from ANYONE which means he will owe nothing to nobody. That in of itself is pretty damn impressive. 20 years ago in interviews, you can clearly hear his views and opinions on how this country was being run. He has been right on. He may not have governmental experience, foreign policy experience, etc., but I’ll bet he will catch on very fast and will surround himself with the BEST advisors. This government and this administration is such a disaster, as were administrations prior, that it would take superman to fix all of our problems, and, it sure ain’t gonna happen in 2, or even 4 years. But it could be a start. You would rather have another CAREER POLITICIAN, who is bought and sold by the highest bidder, i.e,. Koch brothers, George Soros, Goldman Sacs, etc. leading this country? I dont think so. People actually harp on stupid irrelevant crap and knock someone for how they like their steak cooked, than to focus on where this country is heading, which is down the damn toilet, if we don’t get someone in the white house who can turn it around. don’t be stupid – vote #TRUMP2016.

        • enoughalready

          I agree with you 100%. Trump is a patriot and speaking truth to power no matter whether it wears a D or R.

  • gnose

    This is why Texans should have elected David Watts as Land Commissioner when he ran against George Prescott Bush for that seat. http://www.stopthemagnet.com/candidate-page/david-watts-candidate-for-texas-land-commissioner Now Mr. Watts is running for the Texas House of Representatives in HD7. Check it out! http://www.wattsfortexas.org/

    • enoughalready

      We voted for Watts and tried to sound the alarm on George P. –people are just stuck on stupid.

  • DolphinArtist67

    Sounds as if we have our very own Burns brewing…

  • NewWest 123

    Quick, let’s get Trump the eminent domaine supporter, to comment on this and hurry!