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Emmanuel Goldstein

A first generation American raised in the states of Colorado and Texas. Emmanuel now lives with his wife in Nebraska. Middle child in a household of eight children, Emmanuel's patriotism for the American dream of freedom and equality stems from the same place as many immigrant families. His love of the free market was fueled by the small businesses his father owned and made all his children a part of as well as his studies at Northwood University where he received a Bachelors in business administration with an emphasis on small business management.

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  • Bob Guy

    Looks like the first officer didn’t have handcuffs

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  • Jeff English

    She was just following your irresponsible position of noncompliance with the lawful order of a police officer. As a result the Police officers were forced to eliminate the threat to their lives and I completely support their actions. When someone charges you with a butcher knife you don’t stand around and consider multiple options —you elinstevthe threat and shoot till the clip is empty. Last—If her parents had kept their 17 year-old daughter at home she would be alive….they didn’t…. And she isn’t.

  • What bugs me is why wasn’t she immediately handcuffed when the first officer had her pinned down? And I definitely agree with that someone should have been attempting CPR on her. I couldn’t believe no one was doing anything to try to save her life. Everyone was just standing around or sitting down and they just left her on the floor for a small eternity, shot and bleeding. That bugged me. I didn’t like how the whole thing was handled from start to finish. The first officer didn’t even seem like he tried to talk her down, he just pounced on her. I do wish we had audio on that vid. It would help us to better understand what went down. Without the audio, it just looks like she was grabbed, manhandled, and shot.

    • Mari T Ortiz

      the full video was not released do to legality….it will when the time comes

  • Christopher L Banacka

    I thought don’t comply was about not following unlawful laws. Such as some states removing your right to own firearms, or stating you can’t water your lawn on thursdays, or you go get locked up in a cage for not cutting your front lawn.

    Not how it is OK to pull a knife on another human then be pissed when they defend theirbody….
    And it doesn’t matter the age, size, sex, or race of the person who pulls the knife. If you are a 350lb black dude who pulls a knife, you will be shot if you try to harm someone; if you are a 13 year little asian who is swinging at knife at a person, you will be shot.
    It doesn’t matter.

    • Waldetto

      Really? Doesn’t matter? You are one cold blooded SOB to admit you’d have no qualms blowing holes in a 13 year old kid, or a 6 year old kid, or whoever, probably even a 2 year old if they had a knife, you said age didn’t matter! There was a time when men treated women and kids with a little respect and dignity, I guess now days some of them will gladly kill them!

      • Christopher L Banacka

        I don’t look at age, or sex, or gender, or race, i look at threats.
        A knife will kill you as much as a firearm, or a fist.

        And yeah, if a 2 year old someone was able to charge at me with a knife and was attempting to harm me, i would defend myself. But i don’t see that happening, but i can see a 17 year old doing it!

        • Waldetto

          Big fat scared ass pussy, and your a dude too. I can just see you running and screaming because some girl has a knife! You probably have your boyfriend kill spiders for you too!

          • Christopher L Banacka

            nailed it.

          • Waldetto

            I have a butter knife! BOO! Hahaha

          • Christopher L Banacka

            well, unless you are using it in a way which would cause someone harm, i don’t think you have much to worry about.
            But just to be safe, don’t attack people with it,.