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  • ddi92234

    Step One: Remove the ability of the BLM Rangers to use County resources as far as communication goes. Right now they piggyback on country radios so they can be “included” in NON-FEDERAL law enforcement. This is illegal. I know because I managed 9 Rangers out of Palm Springs. They have NO BUDGET of their own, so in reality, they have no funding and therefore should not exist at all. Instead, each of them makes at least 90K a year with overtime.

  • Alice Simpson

    Creating national monuments is not “stealing” land from “the people.” It does exactly the opposite. It takes control of public lands – that belong to all the people, not just ranchers, mining companies, logging companies, and oil drilling companies – out of the hands of private interests and puts it in the hands of all the people to enjoy. It preserves public lands for future generations instead of allowing private interests to despoil and abuse lands in any way they see fit.

    • Twyla Do

      they aren’t paying attention…they’re in lynch-mob mode lol

  • Patty

    Another example of this happened in last year’s National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015. On page 1,103 of the 1,648-page bill is a provision giving more than 2400 acres of land in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest to Resolution Copper, which is part of London-based Rio Tinto and Melbourn-based BHP Billiton, giant mining companies. This was done by Arizona Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake and Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar. https://ourfuture.org/20150722/oak-flat-the-latest-land-grab-from-native-americans

    • Twyla Do

      All republicans…imagine that! I wonder if Obama noticed that.

  • Oreoboots

    Act like you know nothing , and you always get away with it
    His last name should be Shultz

  • mary


  • Louise Mitchell

    Isn’t it interesting that they always know nothing, yet run an agency

  • Mindy Robinson

    The word “Nazi” have any meaning to the people of this nation anymore? That is the blm , irs , fbi, cia and every other gov agency has become. They are criminals and it’s time to deal with them as such.

  • Nice Ride

    BLM Bragging about land confiscation https://youtu.be/r2AJjuAMzBY

    • Rhonda Abbett

      THIS lady makes me want to vomit. id sure love to see her face to face.

  • JustmyOpnion

    The ‘elected officials’ sent this turd to do what he did. He is squirming because he is trying not to incriminate the elected officials conducting fraud upon the United States Government and Individual U.S. Citizens. Taking U.S. citizens for ” Political Prisoners ” – in my opnion is treason. Leanord Peltier is also a ” Political Prisoner ” of the corrupt U.S. Government judicial system / law enforcement officials.

  • XTruckerWill

    I should remind y’all that during Bill Clinton’s tenure, the same kinds of things occurred. They shut down fire access roads, did not do fire control burns and killed access to offload vehicles.

  • Neil Kornze went from Harry Reid’s office to head of the BLM. He immediately began land confiscation activities, including the Bundy siege, the Sugar Pine Mine attempted takeover and others. Obama’s Antiquities acquisition outrages are Neil Kornze’s next directives as the people posing as our Government steal the land from under our feet and sell it to the highest bidders and to pay off THEIR debts, not OUR debts. TREASON, TRAITORS. How long are you just going to sit there and watch it?

  • mmazzi

    The American Bar Association has hijacked our Constitution; Legislative; Executive and Judiciary Branches of Government!

    • mmazzi

      ALL LAWYERS IN OFFICE NOW ARE = FUNCTIONING ILLEGALLY. The 13th Amendment is fully visible in the ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION. It has been modified for too many years allowing lawyers?? It is fully viable and needs to be re-instituted and the illegal 13th Amendment burnt to ashes!!! Go, #TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016!!!

  • Stacy Benghazimack

    when will WE THE PEOPLE RISE?

  • Mrs Baer

    Kick this POS in the face please

  • Doug

    What I don’t understand is that the federal govt. really doesn’t own anything. All the land in this country belong to all people. The govt. is the people, for the people..and by the people. Although they act like the federal govt. is a seperate enity. The govt. should be responding to the American people..not the other way around.

    • ddi92234

      Try going on Federal land. Its locked up tighter than a nun’s britches and if you tresspas, they cite you and there is no “but I own the land since I’m a citizen and a taxpayer” defense.

  • Christian

    Blaming BLM for this is undershooting the problem. Only the White House can request the usage of the Antiquities Act and BLM is the mechanism to do that. So essentially, Obama wants something and BLM is the bag man.

  • Petroglyph

    This is precisely what is wrong with government. These people are public employees paid by our tax dollars to manage our lands.

    This is pure Fascism from the Obama Administration and unless the Republicans hold these people accountable, they are no better than those intent on taking away our public lands.

    Grow a set and fire, impeach or prosecute these people for the theft and tyranny.

    • Ballard Kurt

      Watch this, it will blow your mind. Please share.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq41pU7f5QI

    • Twyla Do

      BLM and forest service land are “nominated” for landmark status, so it would be interesting to see who is doing the nominating of lands. There’s nothing impeach-worthy unless we were to discover that Obama or his administration was processing nominated lands for personal gain for them or their cronies.

  • Vincent Landolina

    congress needs to start taking these government agency employees who refuse to be up front and honest with them and hold them for treason, they work for US not the white house f$%^ them……….this is a joke i hope this congressman and other start doing their stinking jobs to stop this caca.

    • Ballard Kurt

    • Twyla Do

      it’s actually called perjury when you lie in court, not treason lol

      • ddi92234

        It depends on the subject matter in question. Treason is against the law of the land (the Constitution) and perjury is again statute law.

        • Twyla Do

          they are not interchangeable and barely related, except that a person committing treason is often also a liar. Cases of treason are not heard in regular courts of law either. Treason is the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government, or as we’ve seen recently, selling top secret documents to our enemies.

  • Donald Hall

    it’s way past time for Congress to tighten the screws on Obama! Are you people in Congress just now becoming aware of what he’s doing! Come on!

    • disqus_gDmiuQA2On

      It’s way past time for the American people to replace the House and Senate members they keep reelecting over and over and over, who know they will be reelected over and over and have to do nothing except hold useless hearings. In most cases reelection for these worthless scum occurs at a level 92% or higher, in some rare elections it is in the high 80% range. Even though they have accomplished little to nothing of substance over the past 7 years, and I am talking about all of them, I can guarantee you Americans will reelect more than 92% of the same jackasses up for reelection in the next election.

      • dboutin

        Not by me.. I am one who believes you don’t do the job out you go and I won’t change my mind.. with a real job you don’t do your job you’re FIRED!!!! These elected dumbasses don’t know what a real job is.. to them these positions are a job which pays them big bucks to sit on their asses!!!!