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  • NOT THE FIRST TIME CHECK PHILADELPHIA cops used it and blew up a city block 1985 –

    • Cowboy Dan

      That was aerial bombardment. They used a chopper, didn’t they?

  • Vinny Voodoo

    Guy was an active shooter that had killed half a dozen people and wounded a dozen. He needed put down any way possible. Sneaking in with C4 was awesome… messy but awesome.

  • Michael Tefft

    The man had just killed 5 police officers, was heavily armed, and was not going to be taken alive. The police were 100% correct in not risking any further loss of life. A bullet or a bomb, what’s the difference?

  • Tom Parsons

    No different than a SWAT sniper shooting him. It was a great tactic that kept police out of the line of fire.

    • I was outraged by this initially, but then I basically came to your conclusion.

  • polly

    Well maybe if those crooked lowlifes cops didn’t shoot two guys one in his car doing what cop asked in front of a 4 year old little girl. And another one on the ground they could have easily handcuffed, but no they shot him point blank blank in the chest 4 times come up, thats the reason the Dallas cops are dead. Good bye to bad cops. They got what they deserved.. that’s my opinion.

    • Shawn Smith

      Were the five killed in Dallas “bad cops”? Killing random people becasue you are upset with the actions of someone else who happens to wear the same uniform or has the same skin color does not make sense. You are justifying actions of violence and using events to rationalize the behavior. WRONG.

    • anthemcrier

      Your comments are Nazi dude. If a truck driver killed my wife in New Jersey does that justify me sniping random truck drivers in Indiana?

    • Cowboy Dan

      Polly, have you ever tried to handcuff a 300 lb. man? I have. It’s NOT easy, even if they’re NOT reaching for a gun with which to kill you.

  • RobertBrown1

    What difference does it make whether a sniper takes him out, an officer runs toward him and shoots him, or a bomb is used? Deadly force was authorized…any deadly force. This wasn’t a duel with rules!

  • Michelle

    Agree 100%! This completely blows my mind that people are justifying this murder! Insane! Based on what “they say he said”….we won’t ever know because no one else heard him!