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Anthony James Kidwell

Anthony James Kidwell is an Army veteran, an "import" Texan and a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, born and raised in the liberty movement. He currently serves as a support element officer for Comanche Company, Central Texas Militia. He is also an Oath Keeper and an activist for Texas gun rights via Come and Take It Texas. Anthony holds a Bachelor of Science in English and Education, and a Master of Science in Professional Writing from Towson University, Maryland, yet somehow has withstood the brainwashing of the Marxist university system - an impressive accomplishment on its own if he don't say so himself, (which he does).

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  • Wolf Wylde

    sheepdogs are the herdmasters of the SHEPHERDS . . . . wolves simply exist. Terrorists are sheep, or sheepdogs gone bad, rabid . . . they are part of society and struggle to chew their way through or out . . . yet none of them would exist without SOCIETY. Cops are SOLDIERS, The majority of Soldiers are SOLDIERS, trained to follow orders and directives with very little room for opinion, perspective or morality. Compare your definitions, then grow the hell up and answer truthfully.

  • m2foster

    The sheep we talk about when we discuss this allegory would never grow horns or fight back. They rely on “herd immunity” for protection. They don’t want to exert themselves by learning self defense or taking on that responsibility. They think that as long as they can outrun an older, weaker sheep, or one burdened by children, they don’t have worry. What else but herd animals would you call those that advocate urination by women as an act of self defense or that women who are raped should just “get over it” because a gun is too dangerous for them to learn to use to defend themselves?

  • Andy Boomer

    Good article, but somewhat irrelevant. From the perspective offered, it makes sense. But that is not the full perspective. Sheepdogs are not just those protecting the sheep in an official capacity, like LEO’s or military. There are plenty of us normal civilians (albeit oftentimes former LEO or military like myself) who are sheepdogs. Being a sheepdog is nothing more than a mindset, made possible by training and acceptance of personal responsibility. In my definition (which is wholly informed by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman) your idea of the citizen-soldier IS the current sheepdog. The thing that is different is the environment. Today, most citizens are sheep. And yes, it is a thinly-veiled insult to name them as such, but nonetheless true. If the country were filled with your citizen-soldiers rather than sheep, we wouldn’t be having this discussion and there would be no such thing as sheepdogs. Sheepdogs are a necessary stopgap in a world filled with weak sheep and strong wolves. Sheepdogs are citizen-soldiers. Sheepdogs are nothing more than a person who has decided to take responsibility for himself, control his AO, and look out for those who cannot or will not do the same for themselves.

    • John Slagboom

      I am wrestling with this very topic from a Christian theological view point in response to the rampant genocide at the hands of Radical Islam in many parts of the World. I understand the author’s perspective based on how he has framed it, i.e. the American experience and I think I agree with this last reply to that expression of the subject. Mine frame is theological in its nature. What responsibility do Christian men have to use force to protect the innocent against the wicked, when the “Civil Magistrate”, who has been given this function officially by God (Romans 13) is absent, abdicates, or worst yet becomes the predator? The Church is characterized as God’s Flock, full of Sheep and Christ being the Man, i.e. the Shepard. This led me just recently to the the concept of the Sheep Dog. Christ clearly requires his followers to become significantly like Sheep. It is hard to become a Sheep and at the same time be worried about protecting yourself from wolves. He provides under-shepherds to protect his Sheep spiritually from false teachers and the Civil Magistrate to do the same from physical predators. To me, the “Civil Magistrate” represents the equivalent of the Sheep Dog and yes, the police and military of the “Civil Magistrate” are those trained specifically for this role. Yet, to build and protect societies where life can flourish is hard wired into the “Males” of Mankind as that aspect of God’s Warrior Image Ex 15;3. What do Christian men do when there is no Civil Magistrate or they go rogue like what is happening in America? They form militias is the best answer I have to date. I some instances, even a civil war is justified to change the Civil Magistrate. Under no circumstances does the Church, as the Church bear the sword. Christian men, as men, fulfilling the Warrior Image of God they have as a vocational call of the created order, just as sure as women have a vocation of the created to bear and nurture new life, can bear the sword as part of the Civil Magistrate or a temporary substitution for it until a new, legitimate one is formed. To me, this is what is happening in Africa and the Middle East, as various ethnic groups, Christian or otherwise form militias to defend their people against Radical Islam. If the current Civil Magistrates do not regain a legitimate stance to provide that protection, then these militia will ultimately become the new Civil Magistrates. Still, the role of the Sheep Dog, if there is a legitimate transitional role for them as far as the Christian Man is concerned is a new and exploratory realm for me.