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  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    Does anyone herein remember Typhoid Mary? She was a carrier who could infect, but not suffer from Typhoid. She got a job as a cook … and killed a large number of people – 51 at one job, although she had been working other jobs under assumed names to avoid the Health Authorities.

  • patriot156

    1. A conservative racist SOB against a Mexican earning money.
    2. Some other person in the neighborhood doing the same thing and culling the competition.
    3. An over zealous probably liberal or Conservative doesn’t thing people should sell stuff without a permit.
    4. Or someone did get sick, and they snitched.
    We have lady’s doing this here as well I’d never care about it. I don’t know if they do it without a permit or not, nor do I care I don’t buy them. Not really all that into them myself but don’t mind people earning money.
    Fricking always someone who doesn’t like it when someone is doing something without Govt permission.

    Deplorable people can’t just mind their own business.

    • roninmd

      Personally I always bought door to door tamales and never… never.. ever… got sick. There is a cottage food law that allows the sale of dry goods such as cookies and jams and what not but it’s entirely one sided and favors anglo foods. No one here likes that stuff, there’s no meat in it.

      These ladies do serve these tamales hot and fresh. It’s not like they been keeping them in a cooler overnight before selling then to you and in my neighborhood these tamales sell quick.

      Maybe we need to expand the cottage food law or make a separate lower priced license for the home producer. I just see this as a way of increasing the movement of money and keeping the economy going. It’s better than their kid breaking into my house and stealing shit.

  • David

    Dennise Cruz, criminal! She’s lucky she didn’t get 10 yrs.